Romney Must Explain Clone & Kill Supporter Blunt's Endorsement


The following is a statement from Matt Lyons, Missouri State Committee Chairman for Republican presidential candidate John Cox:

"The announcement that Gov. Mitt Romney has accepted the endorsement of Gov. Matt Blunt in Romney’s presidential bid is troubling, and raises serious questions about Gov. Romney’s commitment to the Right to Life.

Blunt was a major supporter of the state’s Clone and Kill amendment, which allows embryonic stem cell research and human cloning to be conducted in the state.

Does Mitt Romney now also endorse cloning and killing embryos in the lab? Or does he want to distance himself from his new supporter’s past advocacy of embryo destruction?

Mitt Romney owes Missourians an explanation.

Romney has had a long history of advocating a pro-abortion position in Massachusetts.

In a 1994 U.S. Senate debate, he said he would "sustain and support" the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide, and he told the Boston Herald that same year that abortion should be "safe and legal."

In his 2002 race for governor, Romney said, "Let me make this very clear: I will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose." He also publicly supported legalization of the abortion-inducing pill RU-486.

But in the last year, as he’s campaigned around the country, Romney has claimed to be pro-life. Yet he still eagerly accepts the endorsement of Matt "Clone and Kill" Blunt.

Can Mitt Romney’s position on abortion be trusted by Missouri Republicans?

John H. Cox, 51, is the first announced Republican candidate for president in 2008. He is pro-life. He has active campaign organizations in 26 including in early primary and caucus states Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. He is a CPA, real estate broker, attorney and investment advisor. He is the former president of the Cook County (IL) Republican Party. For more information, visit