Contact: Elliot Schultz

Communications Director NH State Senate

Concord , NH The reliance on oil is extremely prevalent throughout the United States. As oil becomes more expensive and less available, due partially to the emergence of China to the market with huge and growing demands, other alternatives need to be sought in order to break the monopoly that oil currently holds. Enter the age of alternative renewable energy sources, which is currently taking the nation by storm.

Many different alternative energy sources have received intense scrutiny over the past few months, with President Bush’s State of the Union speech touching upon ethanol. In New Hampshire, attention has been focused upon biodiesel. This alternative fuel is simply a non toxic, biodegradable substance made from ordinary cooking oil. Biodiesel has been hailed as a method of reducing America’s dependence on oil, as it is cleaner and more efficient to produce.

Senator Bob Flanders (R-Antrim) has co-sponsored a bill looking to classify biodiesel as a renewable energy source. This bill 1758 would classify biodiesel as an alternative fuel that would be licensed in New Hampshire to have small cogeneration facilities capable of producing electrical energy and other forms of useful energy. Senator Flanders commented, “In this age of renewed emphasis on environmental protection, biodiesel is a move forward with an alternative energy that is non-toxic and biodegradable. It just makes sense.”

The classification of biodiesel as a renewable energy opens the door for development and more widespread consumption within New Hampshire. Small facilities that produce biodiesel would not be public entities, yet wholly private ventures. Biodiesel would allow for cleaner alternative fuel to be produced and consumed within New Hampshire, helping to break the firm grasp that oil currently has on the state.

Senator Flanders represents Senate District 7 which is comprised of Antrim, Bennington, Boscawen, Bradford, Canterbury, Deering, Francestown, Hancock, Harrisville, Henniker, Hillsborough, Loudon, Nelson, Northfield, Salisbury, Warner, Weare, Webster and Windsor.