Contact: Elliot Schultz

Communications Director NH State Senate

Concord , NH Recently, New Hampshire Employment Security Commissioner Richard Brothers stated, “Without additional funding the department would have no choice but to close up to five offices.” The fate of the Littleton Unemployment office is not in jeopardy of being closed.

Commissioner Brothers has been lobbying in Concord for the passage of House Bill 1474; an act that would increases the amount of unemployment compensation available to claimants and adjusts the taxable wage base. While HB1474 would allow for greater unemployment compensation, it does come at a cost, the closure of Unemployment Security offices, which is something that can not be afforded by the North Country.

Senator Gallus (R- Berlin) remarked, “I personally spoke with the Governor and he agrees with me about saving the five Unemployment Security offices. It is absolutely ridiculous that my constituents would be asked to drive obscene distances to access an Unemployment Security office. I am dead set against the closure of the Littleton office and call upon my House and Senate colleagues to oppose HB 1474 and ensure easy access to Unemployment Security offices by the people of New Hampshire.”

Senate President Ted Gatsas (R- Manchester) commented, “Recently I sent a letter to Commissioner Brothers expressing my displeasure with his office using the threat of office closing as scare tactics to promote HB1474.”

Senator Gallus continued, “The North Country can rest assured that I am doing everything in my power to save the Unemployment Security offices and have the full weight of both the Governor and Senate President to that end.”

Senator Gallus represents District 1, which is comprised of Albany, Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy, Bartlett, Bean's Grant, Bean's Purchase, Berlin, Bethlehem, Cambridge, Carroll, Chandler's Purchase, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Crawford's Purchase, Cutt's Grant, Dalton, Dix's Grant, Dixville, Dummer, Errol, Erving's Location, Franconia, Gorham, Green's Grant, Hadley's Purchase, Hale's Location, Hart's Location, Jackson, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Livermore, Low and Burbank's Grant, Lyman, Martin's Location, Milan, Millsfield, Northumberland, Odell, Pinkham's Grant, Pittsburg, Randolph, Sargent's Purchase, Second College Grant, Shelburne, Stark, Stewartstown, Stratford, Success, Sugar Hill, Thompson and Meserve's Purchase, Waterville Valley, Wentworth Location and Whitefield.