Contact: Elliot Schultz

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Senator Gallus Pushes for Greater Access to Broadband

CONCORD , NH - A tremendous victory late last year allowed Channel 9 WMUR to be broadcasted by DirecTV to subscribers in the rural North Country. There is now an intensified effort to get broadband access in the North Country to allow for high speed internet connections.

House Bill 653 is the answer to the current lack of high speed internet in the North Country. With society relying heavily on the internet, the North Country is at an extreme disadvantage by not having high speed connections. The days of dial up internet have passed and ushering in the future is the technology of broadband. Broadband is used to classify high-speed, high-capacity internet and data connections.

As the Senate sponsor of HB 653, Senator John Gallus (R- Berlin) commented, “It is my intent to see the North Country have better access to the Internet. We are currently underserved by broadband companies and we need to motivate them to come north. The legislature supports expanding connections to the north county and with passage of HB 653 we are allowing towns to surpass their bond limits, allowing them to build broadband facilities. These are essential to providing high speed internet and without providing incentive, the North Country might never experience the many amenities that high speed internet canprovide.”

HB 653 has been referred to the Senate Energy and Economic Development and is scheduled for a hearing for February 21, 2006, in Room 102 of the Legislative Office Building at 3:15 p.m in Concord.

Senator Gallus represents Senate District 1 which is comprised of Albany, Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy, Bartlett, Bean's Grant, Bean's Purchase, Berlin, Bethlehem, Cambridge, Carroll, Chandler's Purchase, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Crawford's Purchase, Cutt's Grant, Dalton, Dix's Grant, Dixville, Dummer, Errol, Erving's Location, Franconia, Gorham, Green's Grant, Hadley's Purchase, Hale's Location, Hart's Location, Jackson, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Livermore, Low and Burbank's Grant, Lyman, Martin's Location, Milan, Millsfield, Northumberland, Odell, Pinkham's Grant, Pittsburg, Randolph, Sargent's Purchase, Second College Grant, Shelburne, Stark, Stewartstown, Stratford, Success, Sugar Hill, Thompson and Meserve's Purchase, Waterville Valley, Wentworth Location and Whitefield.