Dodds for Congress
62 Merrimack Street
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Corey Corbin
Campaign Manager

Manchester – First District Congressional Candidate Gary Dodds (D-Rye) today
said Jeb Bradley had turned his back on New Hampshire with yesterday’s budget
vote in the House.

New Hampshire Congressman Jeb Bradley sided with a 2 vote majority in the US
House (216-214) and opted to cut $12.7 billion in federal aid for low and
middle income college students, the largest such cut in the programs history.

Bradley also voted to slash $7 billion from Medicaid and $6.4 billion from
Medicare as well as agreeing to a $1.5 billion cut to child support
enforcement programs. Included in the cuts was a measure that helped local
employers injured by unfair trade practices.

“Jeb talks a good game, saying he supports seniors, students, small business
men and women and those New Hampshire citizens who need a helping hand, but
when it’s time to vote, Jeb’s true colors come out and he turns his back on
the people who sent him to Washington. I say it’s time for the people to turn
their back on Jeb and send him home in November,” said Dodds.

“I suppose it’s easy to cut student aid programs when your kids have stock
portfolios worth several hundred thousand dollars and Dad’s a millionaire.
Certainly the Bradley kids won’t be worrying how they will pay for college,
but Jeb has just made affording a college education that much tougher for
millions of the kids of working American families and that’s not fair.”

“I don’t believe we should be balancing the federal budget on the backs of
students and senior citizens. If we truly need to get a handle on run-away
spending, then let’s start by getting rid of the hundreds of millions in pork
and earmarks in our current budget that Jeb voted for.”