Contact: Samantha Piatt

CONCORD – The Republican members of the Senate Finance Committee voted unanimously to defeat the Democrat sponsored SB 315, which would have repealed the Enhanced Education Tax to fund school education.

Senate President Ted Gatsas (R-Manchester) a key architect of HB 616,which passed last year began, “The Democratic sponsored Fuller Clark Amendment would strip the state’s neediest communities of up to $63 million of education funding. It’s fiscally irresponsible and nothing more than petty political games.” The current law (HB 616) distributed grants based on the education equity index to towns with the greatest amount of need. Gatsas continued, “Current law supplies funding for communities like Allenstown and Claremontto provide for their students without overburdening the local taxpayers. If you repeal HB 616, the $63 million of education funding to these communities would disappear and the children would be left at a disadvantage.”

Current law distributes an additional $62.3 million in targeted funding in the form of statewide enhanced education aid. This will be the foundation of the communities’ ability to succeed in educating our students. Senate Finance Chairman, Chuck Morse (R-Salem) added, “The proposal to eliminate the statewide property tax received full consideration during the hearing. However, no other viable alternatives were presented. Supporting this measure would be disastrous and leave towns in a horrible financial position just before town meeting day.”

“The vote out of the Senate Finance Committee should stand as a message to Senate Democrats. As Republicans -- we are united in our resolve --not only to protect our communities and our children, but to move ahead and to solve other challenging issues,” concluded Gatsas.