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Corey Corbin

February 21, 2006

Sandown - Sandown Selectman Corey Corbin today said that NEw HAmpshire had
better "be prepared to act" if the Bush Administration "tries to farm out
the security of vital US interests to foreign states known to support

The Bush Administration has approved handing over the security at six major
US Ports to a company run by the government of the United Arab Emirates, a
move Corbin says could lead to disaster.

"This is a country that has stated they still recognize the Taliban as the
rightful government of Afghanistan - and now their agents are going to be
monitoring incoming cargo at six of our largest and most vital domestic
ports? This is bizzare, this is insane, and I'm wondering where the outcry
from the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation and our State Legislative
Leaders is," said Corbin.

"Next thing you know, Bush will be releasing Al-Queida suspects from
Guantanimo Bay to provide security for the Seabrook Nuclear Plant - I can't
believe this is happening, and I encourage New Hampshire's people to call
their elected leaders and tell them to speak up."

Corey Corbin is a former two-term State Representative, a member of the
Sandown Board of Selectmen, and served 8 years as an Infantry Officer in the
United States Army. Corbin owns and operates the Breezeway Pub and The
Manhattan Room, both Manchester restaurant/night clubs.