RNC Paying Legal Fees For Convicted Felon??

From The NH Dem Party Press Office

Despite the criminal conviction of phone-jammer James Tobin on 12/15/05, the RNC is apparently still paying his legal bills (after promising last summer that they were only paying his bills because he was innocent):

From "Granite Status" by John Distaso
February 23, 2006

More than $2.8 million.

That appears to be the new total of the Republican National Committee's legal bill for the defense of convicted 2002 Republican phone-jamming conspirator Jim Tobin.

We reported two weeks ago that the RNC's year-end financial report, on file with the Federal Election Committee, contained a $1.7 million payment to Williams and Connolly, the Washington law firm the RNC hired to represent Tobin.

The RNC wouldn't say what it was for, but it had acknowledged last summer paying $722,000 for Tobin's defense to that point.

The RNC's latest report, filed last week, shows $330,000 more paid to Williams and Connolly on Jan. 26 for the old stand-by description "legal services."

If it was also for Tobin's defense, then the total is now more than $2.8 million.

And counting, perhaps. Tobin is fighting his December conviction by a federal trial court jury in Concord with several motions calling for the verdict to be thrown out and for a new trial.

Judge Steven McAuliffe has scheduled a hearing for March 17.

All those lawyer-hours cost (somebody) money.