Senate Republicans Laud the Passage of “Live Free or Die” on Highway Welcome Signs

Contact: Senator Bob Letourneau
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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Concord, NH
– Senate Transportation Chairman Bob Letourneau (R-Derry) has sponsored legislation, Senate Bill 400, a bill requiring highway welcome signs to include the state motto: “Live Free or Die.”  The current signs read, “You are going to love it here.”  Senator Letourneau and members of the Senate passed a measure today, to change the signs back to “Live Free or Die.”


SenateBill 400, which was brought forward to promote New Hampshire’s famous state motto was received with much skepticism from Democratic Senator Peter Burling (D-Cornish),whom today, offered a poison pill amendment.  Senator Peter Burling’s amendment would have negated the premise of the bill, which was to immediately change the current welcome signs to “Live of Free or Die.”  Senator Burling’s amendment was voted down on the Senate floor today.


Senator Letourneau commented, “I am not ashamed of my state motto.  New Hampshire is nationally known for its motto and it deserves to be displayed at every opportunity.” Letourneau continued, “From day one we have had bi-partisan support and the blessing from the Governors’ office to pass this legislation.” 


Senator Peter Burling expressed dismay at the speculated cost of this endeavor.  Senator Letourneau countered with, “I wonder; is Senator Burling ashamed of the state motto?  It certainly does not make sense for him to be on the opposite side of a bill that has tremendous support both in the Senate and in the House.  Why would he go against his own Governors’ wishes? The $100,000 that he quoted to change the signs was a red hearing!  The bill has no appropriation and no one from the Department of Transportation testified in either support or opposition to the bill.”


SB 400 passed the Senate today by voice vote and now moves over to the House of Representatives.  Senator Letourneau urges his House colleagues to consider this legislation in an expeditious manner.