Female offenders to help students read

For Immediate Release

February 3, 2006

Contact :

Jeff Lyons

Public Information Officer

Female offenders to help students read

( Goffstown , NH ) The New Hampshire Department of Corrections is partnering with Disability Services for Students at the University of New Hampshire to provide "textbooks on tape" for students with documented print disabilities.

Inmates at the New Hampshire State Prison for Women (NHSP/W) will record the text onto cassettes and provide notification of finished work. The NHSP/W Education Department at the Goffstown facility will also provide the tape recorders.

Disability Services will present an overview of the project and provide the blank tapes, borrowed text books, procedure for readers to follow, and a timetable for completed material. Maxine Little is the Director of the UNH piece.

"The Department of Corrections is very excited to be part of this worthwhile program," Commissioner William L. Wrenn said.

"In the past we have supported a program in which female offenders record books on tape for their children but this initiative will be beneficial to college students who would utilize these services," Commissioner Wrenn said.

Six women will participate in the program and read 120 books per semester. Each recording will run two to eight hours depending on the length of the book.