For Immediate Release

Contact: Jerry Thibodeau

Manchester Republican Committee Chair

Mr. & Mrs. Manchester are hoodwinked by their “By-Partisan” Aldermanic Board. Mayor Guinta is determined to reduce the tax rate for Manchester, however; the democrats are determined to do everything in their power to RAISE taxes.

As reported, Mayor Guinta VETOED the proposal to have Gill Stadium removed from the enterprise fund.

Mayor Guinta and the city finance office proposed to have Gill Stadium generate it’s own revenues, for renovations of Gill Stadium alone, thus ending the burden to the taxpayers. Those of us who rent are also indirectly a taxpayer. Every time the tax rate increases, the rent goes up.

Mayor Guinta‘s veto was soundly over-ridden by a vote of two to sustain and twelve to override.

Two (2) republicans, Ted Gatsas and Mike Garrity voted to uphold the Mayors veto.

Eleven (11) democrats, led by the “SECRET SEVEN”, Betsi DeVries, Aldermanic Chair Mike Lopez, Dan O’Neil, Armand Forest, Henry Thibault, Mark Roy, George Smith, following the pack were Ed Osborne, William Shea, Jerome Duval, Patrick Long, and one independent Real Pinard to override the veto and INCREASE our taxes.

A second issue should puzzle the intelligence of the reader, why would Ward Alderman 5, Ed Osborne heckle Mayor Guinta about his place of birth? Is there a law that states one must be born in Manchester, NH to become Mayor?

Mayor Guinta should be commended for his patience and coolness in the Aldermanic Chambers, enduring the abuse of the rules of order, inflicted by democratic Aldermen Osborne, democratic Ward 10 Alderman Smith and democratic At-Large Alderman O’Neil.

Arrogant, belittling and chiding behavior may be appropriate in a British Parliamentary Chamber, however; it is not the American way. In the future, we implore the Chairman to exercise Robert’s Rule number 73, “Right of an Assembly to Eject Anyone from its Place of Meeting” and throw the baggage out. It belongs to Tammany Hall and another era.

There is no “honeymoon” for this Mayor. The democrats are hell bent for election to keep the status quo, spend money and spend more money and keep spending lots more money.

SHAME, SHAME on the democrats.