Letter to the Editor - Hillsborough District 4 Rep. William L. O'Brien

Letter to the Editor

William L. O'Brien
State Representative

Hillsborough District 4
(Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Wilton, Temple)

At the end of this year’s first Session of the NH House, on January 4, Representative John DeJoie (D-Concord), Communications Director for the New Hampshire House Democrat Caucus, had his Howard Dean moment by standing on the House floor and wildly charging that all violators of ethics laws in our country are Republican.

Though many rank and file members of DeJoie’s caucus immediately expressed amazement and embarrassment over his remarks, Democrat leadership of the House has not stepped forward to apologize for the explosion of irresponsible demagoguery on the part of their designated spokesman. This failure has persisted despite a specific call on the House floor by veteran lawmaker Paul Mirski for them to do so. Given the long history we have of NH Democrats supporting insults by their state chair, Kathy Sullivan, of the intelligence and integrity of the people of New Hampshire, should we expect greater civility from NH Democrat’s legislative leaders?

Sullivan’s most recent outrage was her recent, shameless claim that all Abramoff money that was given to Republicans is tainted and should be returned by the evil recipients, but money he gave to Democrats, such as Senate Democrat Minority Leader Harry Reid and Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy, should be theirs to keep because, well, as Democrats they are just good people who can’t be tainted. Kathy Sullivan’s remarks, like those that disgraced Representative DeJoie, seem to get just more and more reckless with each passing day.

In the world according to Sullivan, actions taken by Republicans that offend her are criminal in nature, but the same or similar acts of Democrats are always to be viewed as pure. Thus, when she allowed Geoff Wetrosky, the South Dakotan campaign manager for Mayor Baines, to bunk at her house during the campaign this past fall and then one night, with the police in pursuit, he brought signs for the Republican candidate apparently to stash there, she sees that as an act of civic beautification worthy of praise. When Wetrosky, having pleaded with the police to give him a break because he was going back to South Dakota after the election, several days later walked into a Manchester polling station, signed an affidavit claiming to be a New Hampshire resident and voted, Sullivan’s response to the people who questioned the propriety of his acts was to call them jerks bent on curbing the enthusiasm of young idealists.

In Sullivan’s world, young Democrats accused of being campaign sign and vote stealers are idealists to be treasured; on the other hand, other young campaign workers who are accused of violating campaign laws but aren?t Democrats are miscreants to be hounded by criminal and civil prosecutions until the last drop of putrid publicity can be wrung out of their acts.

As with DeJoie, no inconsistency, no insult, no claim of offense is so blatantly partisan that Kathy Sullivan will forego it. Do the Democrats leaders think that such behavior serves our state? If not, when will they clean up their act by not just apologizing for Representative DeJoie’s false and hateful remarks, but also by removing Kathy Sullivan and apologizing for her history of fouling the politics of our state by her uncivil, false and partisan attacks?