Before Bush Visit, Bass & Bradley Must Speak Out on the Medicare Cut He Proposed Today


Today, Bush Unveiled Budget with $36 Billion Cut
On Wednesday, He Travels to NH to Promote It

CONCORD, NH - Congressmen Bass and Congressman Bradley must take a stand on the controversial new $36 billion cut that President Bush proposed to Medicare today, before the President arrives in New Hampshire on Wednesday to promote his budget.

"The deep Medicare cuts that President Bush proposed today would hurt New Hampshire seniors even worse that the recent fiasco they created with Medicare Part D. Our Congressmen have a duty to take a stand on this controversial Medicare cut before the President arrives in New Hampshire on Wednesday to promote it," said Kathy Sullivan, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

"First, Congressmen Bass and Bradley let the drug company lobbyists write a Medicare drug plan that has left thousands of seniors without the prescriptions they need. Now George Bush wants to continue massive subsidies to drug and insurance companies while cutting the Medicare that 179,564 Granite Staters depend on. Before our two congressmen take the stage with President Bush on Wednesday, their constituents deserve to know if they will stand up to his controversial Medicare cuts."

According to the Associated Press today, "Bush also seeks to cut projected spending on mandatory entitlement programs by $65 billion over five years, with the bulk coming from measures designed to hold down outlays for Medicare, the health-care program for the elderly, by $36 billion through 2011."