Senate Republicans block attempt to short communities $420million in education aid


Contact: Senator Bob Clegg

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Senate Republicans block attempt to short communities

$420 million in education aid

Concord - Today Senate Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Bob Clegg, defeated an attempt by Senate Democrats to strip New Hampshire’s neediest communities of millions ofdollars in education funding.

The proposed legislation SB315 would repeal current law -- the State Wide Property Tax (SWPT) -- without any proposal to replace the funding void.The current education funding law distributes grants based on the education equity index to towns with the greatest amount of need.

Senate Majority Leader Bob Clegg (R-Hudson) began, “The Democrats are trying to eliminate the current funding mechanism for our schools with no alterative method on how to replace it. This is irresponsible and would leave many communities at a grave disadvantage. I take issue with Senate Democrats who are looking to score political points when we already have a functioning system in place.” Clegg continued, “No one likes the State WideProperty Tax, but we can’t eliminate it without a practical solution.”

Senate President Theodore Gatsas (R-Manchester) concluded,“I’m proud Senate Republicans defeat of this ill-advised legislation. Last year the House and Senate passed education funding legislation. Senate Bill 315 attempted to turn back the clock on the progress we have made.”