Activist Alert: The Forbes Flat Tax Revolution Hits the Streets of NH

Victory NH | 497 Hooksett Road, #162 | Manchester | NH | 03104

Taking the Flat Tax Revolution
to the Streets of NH!

Dear Friends...

The time has come!

With local elections across New Hampshire next Tuesday (March 14th), Victory NH is poised to strike a blow for tax relief for all Americans... It's time your neighbors learned the truth about tax reform, and here's how you can help us tell them...

Under the leadership of Chris Wood -- our new Field Director extraordinaire -- Victory NH will be staging activist petition drives in over 20 towns across New Hampshire.

Where? Town election polling places across the state.

When? Tuesday, March 14th - The polls are open all day, so whenever you can make the time, we can use your help.

How can you help? Call or email Chris Wood today at (603) 799-7966 or and he'll get you all the supplies you'll need and give you a poling location in your town where you can help sign folks up.

Working together on Tuesday, we can help Steve Forbes put his Flat Tax Revolution front and center in the '08 debate.

So if you're ready to get in the game...

Call or email Chris Wood at (603) 799-7966 or

All the best from,

Victory NH