Bruce: Wieczorek's Comments on Liquor Commissioners Welcome but Late

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Friday, March 17, 2006
Bob Bruce for Executive Council - District 4
Contact: Greg Vine - (603) 899-5477 -
(Candia) -- Bob Bruce, candidate for the District 4 Executive Council seat, today welcomed Councilor Ray Wieczorek's comments regarding reports of state liquor commissioners golfing or otherwise attending to non-commission business during work hours, but added the Councilor's statements are a little tardy.
"It's nice of Ray to say we need to look into the matter, although he's about two months late, but that doesn't go far enough," said Bruce.
"If commissioners or other appointees are found to be taking care of personal business or, worse yet, participating in recreational activities during work hours then the Executive Council has the duty to revoke their appointments. It's just not enough to say that the matter will be looked into; some sanctions need to be applied to any commissioner or appointee not doing his or her job."
Bruce noted that members of the Liquor Commission are appointed by the Executive Council and, therefore, serve at the Council's discretion.