Gov. Lynch Praises Federal Court Ruling Preventing EPA from Weakening Clean Air Act

From the Office of Governor John Lynch

CONCORD - Gov. John Lynch praised a decision today by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington to stop the U.S. Environmental Protection Action from going forward with new regulations that would allow Midwest power plants to continue to pollute New Hampshire ' s air.

The EPA had proposed new regulations that would have allowed older power plants, refineries and factories to make significant improvements - extending the life of their facilities - without installing modern pollution controls. New Hampshire had joined 14 other states in suing to stop the changes.

" Pollution transported to New Hampshire from Midwest plants is a major cause of the acid rain, haze, and smog that is killing our lakes, polluting our air, and, most importantly, endangering the health of our citizens, " Gov. Lynch said. " The U.S. Court of Appeals today stood up for the health of the people in New Hampshire and the health of our environment by saying that Midwest polluters can ' t indefinitely poison our air. It ' s time for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to return to its core mission and support the Court ' s decision. "