NH Senate Passes Legislation on School Building Aid

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sen. Iris Estabrook

P: 603 271-3077

E: iris.estabrook@leg.state.nh.us

Friday, March 17, 2006

Yesterday the NH Senate passed SB 308, appropriating one million dollars to supplement existing school building aid to local districts. SB 308, sponsored by Senator Iris Estabrook, District 21, was brought to keep local taxpayers from making up the 2006 shortfall in building aid. The legislation deals strictly with fiscal year 2006, making up a shortfall of just under a million dollars.


“By filling that hole, as the legislature has done with every previous shortfall in building aid, was assure local voters that they can count on the state aid budgeted for the bond issues. That’s an important message,” explained Senator Estabrook.


The current shortfall is a largely a result of last session’s legislation that extended building aid to districts that have long term tuition contracts with communities outside the district.


“I expressed concern when we heard the bill last session that our passage of that bill would result in a reduction in aid to all other districts. The consequence of that legislation is now very real. This bill corrects the situation, without burdening local New Hampshire taxpayers,” noted Senator Estabrook.


“We are very pleased with the Senate’s continued support for the state’s portion of building aid and commend the passage of SB 308,” commented Dean Michener of the NH School Boards Association. “This bill is a direct result of Senator Estabrook’s concern for the building aid shortfall for FY 2006, and we thank her for her dedication in maintaining the state’s commitment to school districts.”