Sullivan on Irish-American Issues

For Immediate Release
March 17, 2006
Sullivan for Congress: (603) 627-1961
(MANCHESTER) State Rep. Peter Sullivan today marked St. Patrick's Day by releasing his positions on issues of concern to the Irish-American community.
"St. Patrick's Day should be about more than green beer and corned beef and cabbage. It's a time to recognize the importance of the long relationship between the United States and the Republic of Ireland", said Sullivan.
"President Clinton played a crucial role in negotiationg a meaningful peace agreement for Northern Ireland. We need to fullfill the promise of the Good Friday Agreement by recommitting America to its role as a vital partner in the effort to ensure that peace, human rights and economic justice prevail in the north of Ireland".
Sullivan's statement also addressed the Irish-American economic relationship. immigration reform, and the extradition process.
Rep. Peter Sullivan, the grandson of Irish immigrants, is serving his third term as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He is a Democratic candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 1st congressional district.
Revitalizing the Peace Process
The United States must be more than a mere bystander in the Irish peace process. Under the leadership of President Bill Clinton, the U.S> was an active partner in the development and implemnentation of the Good Friday Agreement. By contrast, George W. Bush has shown at best indifference and at worst outright hostility to the cause of peace and justice in ireland.
As a member of Congress, I will be an activeand vocal participant in bipartisan efforts to revitalize the peace process; to ensure meaningful policing reforms; to provide strong and effective human rights safeguards; and to press for an end to violence perpetrated by the remaining obstructionist factions.
Investing in Peace
The White House and the Republican congressional leadership have consistently underfunded the International Fund for Ireland. Such shortsighted behavior jeopardizes the tremendous social, economic and political progress that has been achieved in recent years. I will work dilligently with Rep. Neal and Rep. Crowley in their efforts to ensure that Congress provides full and adequate funding for the International Fund for Ireland.
Strengthening EconomicRelationships
The Irish economic resurgence is an important and positive development that benefits the people of both Ireland and the United States. It is essential that the United States cultivate a free and open trade relationship with the Republic of Ireland. By strengthening Irish-American business ties, we can help both nations achieve great economic and social benefits.
Fair and Sensible Immigration Reform
As the grandson of Irish immigrants, I understand first-hand the contributions that have been made by members of the Irish diaspora in America. While there are legitimate concerns about our current immigration system, these concerns must not be used as an excuse to implement draconian, xenophobic and counterproductive restrictions. Sadly, Jeb Bradley haschosen to follow the path of fear-mongering as a way of pandering to fringe elements in his party. That is flat-out wrong.
I support a firm but fair approach that will allow undocumented immigrants who are willing to work hard and play by the rules to achieve legal status, so long as they pass a stringent background check and make a genuine effort to establish citizenship. Such an approach will allow the United States to enjoy the benefits of motivated, hard working new Americans hile addressing the legitimate concerns related to our national security.
In will oppose the Bush Administration's efforts to trample on the Constitutional rights of Americans facing extradition to Great Britain. Any extradition proceeding must be subject to stringent legal standards, meaningful review, and allappropriate due process safeguards.