Corbin for Senate
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Sandown, NH 03873

Corey Corbin

March 22, 2006


Sandown - As the first order of business during its Monday, March 20th
session, the Sandown Board of Selectmen unanimously elected Corey Corbin to
preside as Chairman for the coming year. Corbin is serving the second of a
three-year term on the Board.

"I am honored that my fellow selectmen have enough faith in my ability to
lead the Board for the coming year, and I look forward to working on some
positive changes for the town," said Corbin.

Some of the changes will include streamlining the Board's meetings, working
closer with the Timberlane School Budget Committee, and holding regular
office hours for citizens of Sandown to have access to their elected
governing leaders.

Corbin also applauded the 207 to 125 vote by the New Hampshire House to
defeat a proposed Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one
man and one woman.

"This bill was sponsored by my old State Senate opponent, Jack Barnes. It
was a piece of hate legislation, pure and simple. I think the majority who
voted against the measure saw it as not a "gay" issue, rather an issue that
we shouldn't use the New Hampshire Constitution to discriminate against a
segment of our own population. Regardless of how anyone feels on the issue
of same sex unions, this was not the time or the place for such legislation,
and I'm glad my former colleagues in the House saw it for what it was," said
Corbin, who served in the NH House from 2000 to 2004.

Corey Corbin is Chairman of the Sandown Board of Selectmen, a former 2 term
State Representative and Majority House Committee Whip, and served 8 years
as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army earning his Airborne wings
and the National Defense and Overseas Service Awards. Corbin was also one
of the first Reserve officers to train at the Joint Readiness Training
Center in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.