Probable presidential candidate visiting New Hampshire this week

Martin E. Janis & Company, a Chicago P.R. company

  A client of ours, John Cox, a Chicago Republican, announced that he'll probably run for president, and he filed the FEC forms for an exploratory committee.  Tomorrow, he'll go to New Hampshire, and he'll campaign in about 10 cities in three days. Tomorrow, at 2:00-3:00, he'll hold a town hall meeting, in Manchester, at The Yard Restaurant, at 1211 S. Mommouth Rd.  On Fri., at noon-1:00, he'll hold a town hall meeting, in Dover, at The Barn, at 17 Portland Ave.  On Sat., noon-5:00, he'll attend the New Hampshire GOP annual meeting, in Milford.  Do you want to interview him?  

      Mr. Cox is a lawyer, CPA, real estate broker, and investment advisor.  In 2002, he ran for the U.S. Senate and received 22% of the primary vote.  Later, he was a president of the Cook County Republican Party.  He supports President Bush's policies in the war against terrorism.  He's a member of a board of a USO chapter.  He's pro-life.  He opposes gay marriages and civil unions.  He supports penalties for illegal immigrants.  If you want to read more about him, please check his website,