For Immediate Release

March 23, 2006


Rep. Jim Coburn


Meridian Will Consult & Advise Gubernatorial Run

“I am pleased to announce that Meridian Communications has joined the team in my effort to explore the race for Governor of New Hampshire. Jack Heath, Mike Biundo and AliciaPreston collectively bring a wide skill set of political and media knowledge in New Hampshire that will truly help me to convey my message to the citizens of this state. New Hampshire is at a cross roads. We are a changing community and need strong leadership in the corner office to help guide our state and its citizens through our growth. New Hampshire needs to be the state of low taxes, encouraging business climate and fundamental belief in individual rights and freedoms. I intend to spend the next several months demonstrating my ability to foster that environment we so desperately need again in New Hampshire. I look forward to working with Meridian and the people of New Hampshirein those efforts.” –Jim Coburn, NH State Representative and potential candidate for NH Governor