For Immediate Release:

March 26, 2006

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Gray Chynoweth, President

NH Young Democrats


CONCORD, N.H.  U.S. Senator Even Bayh (D), Indiana was given a warm welcome from the New Hampshire Young Democrats (NHYD) this morning at the Portsmouth home of Justin Nadeau, where Bayh was the guest of honor for their NHYD Speaker Series. Senator Bayh mingled and discussed politics in a room of over 50 young Democrats that gathered to meet him over brunch.

"I am thrilled with the turn out for this event," said Gray Chynoweth, president of the NHYD. "We originally planned on a group of about 15-20 people, and to see over 50 young Democrats here today just speaks to the growth of our organization and our commitment to staying involved in New Hampshire?s future ."

Bayh, who started his career in politics as a young Democrat and was elected Governor of Indiana at age 32, noted that he appreciated the enthusiasm and involvement of New Hampshire?s young people in the political process.

"I'm just so delighted that you?re here and as active as you are," Bayh remarked as he began the informal, town hall style discussion. "The future of this county, where we're going, how we're going to get there -- you've got more at stake in the direction that your state and this country takes than anybody else."

Senator Bayh touched upon his views on foreign policy, funding education and healthcare, leaving most of the time free for an informal question and answer session. The senator also reflected on his own experiences as a young Democrat, noting that it was much like a 'walk down memory lane' for him.

The New Hampshire Young Democrats is an inclusive, statewide organization of 18-36 year olds that exists to excite, engage and involve young people in New Hampshire's political community; mentor, recruit and empower a new generation of New Hampshire leaders; advance progressive ideals and values; and elect young Democrats.