Update from the Dodds Campaign

Daniel Ingalls

Executive Assistant

Gary Dodds for Congress


“Walk to Win” Tour

The Dodds for Congress campaign is attaining its goal of connecting with the voters by walking the district and meeting the people. More and more people are contacting the campaign every day to volunteer! We have interns from UNH and volunteers from all over the district. We encourage you to get involved to change how YOUR tax dollars are being spent in Washington.

Gary Dodds has completed all of Carroll County in his “Walk to Win” through the first district in New Hampshire. He has met a nd listened to a large number of residents in the area to find out what issues are important to them. The latest town Gary visited was Jeb Bradley’s hometown of Wolfeboro. The residents of Wolfeboro told Gary they are disappointed by Jeb Bradley’s voting record, and many are excited to support his campaign.

Gary ’s Latest Tour!!

Gary recently toured of the Observatory at the summit of Mt. Washington. He learned about the changing weather and climate conditions, and about a variety of educational programs offered by Mt. Washington.

In the news!!

Gary offers the latest press releases, stories, newsletters and the Dodds Reports on our website; Also check the Conway Daily Sun, the Mountain Ear, and Foster’s Daily Democrat for interviews and the report on his Mr. Washington trip.

Where to meet Gary!!

Gary will be attending most of the town and county meetings in the district each month.

We are currently scheduling house parties and meet-and-greets. If you and a group of friends would like to meet with Gary email us at info@doddsforcongress.com, or call the Manchester office at 603-222-2300!