Hodes Statement on Port Security Investigation

Paul Hodes for Congress


Contact: Matt McGrath


Hodes Calls for Explanation on Dubai PortsDeal

Bass votes to stymie critical security investigation

CONCORD – Democratic Congressional candidate Paul Hodes today called on Congressman Charlie Bass to explain his vote against investigating the transfer of operations at several American ports to a company in the United Arab Emirates. Hodes made the following statement:

“Why in the world is Charlie Bass voting against a proper investigation of the Dubai ports deal? New Hampshire voters deserve an explanation. In my view, the security of our ports is one of the most critical national security issues facing the country today, and if Congressman Bass has any rationale beyond partisan loyalty to the President he should share it with the people he was elected to represent.

Charlie Bass tells voters in NH that he’s independent, but in Washington he's again maintaining his record of voting for President Bush's misguided policies nine times out of ten.”

On Thursday, Charlie Bass and the GOP Congress blocked Democratic efforts to require a vote on a plan to require a 45-day investigation on the sale of American port operations from a British company to a company from the United Arab Emirates and to expedite an up or down vote on the deal. The roll call vote on House Resolution 702 is available here.