Bob Bruce Hires Media Consultant

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Friday, March 3, 2006
Bob Bruce for Executive Council - District 4
Contact: Greg Vine - (603) 899-5477 -

(Candia) -- Bob Bruce, candidate for the District 4 Executive Council seat, announced today that he has hired Greg Vine of Davidson Research Associates LLC to help with visibility and media relations.

A New Hampshire resident, Vine has worked on campaigns from the Granite State to the Evergreen State. He has been involved in the electoral process since 1974 when, at the age of 18, he was elected to the Board of Selectmen in Westminster, Mass. From 1983 to 1993, as a resident of Seattle, Wash., Vine was a media liaison for the successful re-election campaign of Charley Royer for mayor of Seattle, was campaign manager on the David Giles for Congress (8th District) campaign in 1986 and, from 1991 to early 1992, served as the Washington State press secretary on the Presidential campaign of the late Sen. Paul Tsongas.

He also helped in the founding of Heart of America Northwest, a group which has successfully lobbied for funds to clean up the nuclear/chemical waste at the sprawling Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeast Washington.

In addition to politics, Vine has been a print journalist and news director of several radio stations in the Bay State.

"Unless anyone should think otherwise, I am totally committed to this campaign," said Bruce."That's why I have taken on a partner like DRA. They believe strongly in the need to break the grip that one party has had on so many of this great state's institutions for so many years. The Executive Council truly is a public body in need of those who want to work for the good of the people; not those who see their role as meer obstructionists whose duty it is to thwart the intentions of our governor."

Bob Bruce is a husband, father and grandfather. Bob served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam conflict, is a former police officer, firefighter and venterans' counselor. Bob also has worked in both military and civilian aviation. He is currently a test engineer in the data storage field.

Bob lives in Candia with his wife, Carol.