North Country Senators Move to Secure Broadband Facilities


Contact: Elliot Schultz

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March 09, 2006

North Country Senators Move to Secure Broadband Facilities

Concord , NH – The North Country came one step closer to having wide spread broadband access be available. The Senate passed House Bill653 by an overwhelming majority today, which enables municipalities to bond for broadband infrastructure.

House Bill 653 is the answer to the current lack of high speed internet in the North Country. With society relying heavily on the internet, the North Country is at an extreme disadvantage by not having high speed connections. The days of dial up internet have passed and ushering in the future is the technology of broadband. Broadband is used to classify high-speed, high-capacity internet and data connections.

Senator John Gallus (R – Berlin), a co-sponsor remarked,“An enormous amount of business is done over the internet, and so far, the North Country has not easily been able to take part. The internet represents the future and the North Country can not afford to be left behind. Business is exploding on the World Wide Web and small companies are popping up in rural areas that sell niche goods. The North Country needs every chance of economic development it can get.”

Senator Joseph Kenney (R – Union)commented, “I fully support the development of broadband facilities within my district. The days of using dial-up internet have come and gone, broadband internet represents the future. All over NewHampshire residents are benefiting from their high speed internet connections and it is time that the North Country catches up.”

While there are many miles to still be traveled by broadband development in the North Country, another tremendous step forward was taken.