Senate Republicans Ensure Freedom to Protect Oneself


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March 9, 2006

Senate Republicans Ensure Freedom to Protect Oneself

Concord , NH - Today Senate Republicans took a strong stance for personal freedom in passing Senate Bill 318, the right to defend oneself.

Senate Bill 318 allows a person who is in any place where he or she has a right to be, to use deadly force to protect oneself. This bill would expand the right to use deadly force in self-defense, and limit the situations in which the use of deadly force would not be justified.

In a heated exchange on the Senate floor, Senator Peter Bragdon (R– Milford), prime sponsor of SB 318 stated, “This bill allows law-abiding citizens, when confronted with deadly force, to be able to defend themselves from the attack, without having to worry about being charged with a crime. Current law allows self-defense in one’s home, it does not allow self-defense, for example, in one’s business or in one’s vehicle. The passing of SB 318 sends a clear message to the corrupt elements of our societythat New Hampshire places a high value on the right of our citizens to protect themselves from a threatening situation.”

Senator Bob Letourneau (R – Derry) remarked, “All citizens have the natural right of self-defense, no government should infringe on this right!”

The next stop for SB 318 is in the House where it is expected to have a large amount of support.