Bruce Calls for Extension of Bus Service

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Friday, April 7, 2006
Bob Bruce for Executive Council - District 4
Contact: Greg Vine - (603) 899-5477 -


CANDIA) -- Bob Bruce, Democratic candidate for Executive Council from District 4, says he's pleased to see that bus service between Nashua and Boston will be established, but said he doesn't believe the service goes far enough.

"I'm pleased to see we're getting bus service from The Granite State to Boston," said Bruce, "but I think it makes sense that service should be extended to the cultural center of the state."
While commuters in Nashua may be helped, the fact that the buses won't run as far as Manchester means that Manchester residents and residents from the surrounding towns in District 4 will not benefit from this service," he added
It also will still be difficult for thousands of people to make it to sporting and cultural events in the state's largest city. Bus service wouldn't only benefit those who might like to avail themselves of all Manchester has to offer, it also would greatly benefit the economy and Manchester and its neighbors."
In addition, Bruce said, bus service would give Manchester residents and residents from the surrounding towns in District 4, the opportunity to avail themselves of stress-free transportation to Nashua and Boston.
"Anyone who's ever driven routes 3 or 93 knows what a hassle it can be," he said. "Bus service would help do away with the stress of driving. It would also give the elderly and disabled a chance to get to Nashua and Boston".
It's unfortunate District 4's representative on the Executive Council hasn't made the establishment of this service to and from Manchester one of his top priorites," Bruce concluded.
"Should I be elected to the Council, you can rest assured I would do everything possible to see to it that bus service is extended to Manchester."