Mayor Guinta’s tax cuts

For Immediate Release

April 10, 2006

Contact: Jerry Thibodeau

MRC Chair

603-623-3011 X 102

I fully support Mayor Frank Guinta’s proposed budget,which reduces various surplus expenditures, and results in tax reduction.

An easy credit card economy and the ever-growing expectations that government needs to do all for us, have created a culture where money is easy and cheap. Then the bills come in. All you have to pay is the minimum. Complaints are the interest is too high. However, we continue to spend, expectations have become greater.

When ever-increasing governmental funding becomes habitual, several problems are likely to arise and grow. Higher taxes, increasing interest and larger payments.

When monies are too readily available, inefficiencies are easier to arise, hide and remain hidden.

A potential problem with any bureaucracy is that it has the constant pressure to expand, and with that a constant desire for more funds to allow that expansion.

Also, a bureaucracy will most always request more funds than is actually needed, should the bureaucracy be granted extra funds, it will spend any end of year surplus, rather than face a cutback the following year. This is the normal nature of a bureaucracy.

Keep in mind that the largest parts of a government are bureaucracies. Just like athletes who lose excess weight, bureaucracies function better when slimmer, so it is not only a benefit to the taxpayer, but a gain in governmental efficiency.