For Immediate Release

April 12, 2006

Contact: Jerry Thibodeau

ManchesterRepublican Committee Chair

603-623-3011 X 102

To the many tonight, crowding the Aldermanic Chambers, which included Manchester citizens as well as City and State officials and office holders from both parties . Mayor Guinta presented the many achievements already gained to help fulfill his primary campaign promises, as well as his continuing plans for their futures.

In addition, the Mayor presented his progress on all his campaign goals, as well as additional issues he has discovered that needed attention since taking office.

ImprovingCommunications, as one of Mayor Guinta's Six Primary Promises, is constant. It was his continual communications with the Manchester citizenry throughout his campaign that helped him formulate the other five promises which he determined were most important to them.

Ø "Bi-WeeklyNewsletters" to City officials and workers,

Ø "Town Hall Meetings" in each Ward,

Ø "Regular Meetings" with Department Heads,

Ø "Weekly Visits" to Manchester schools,

Ø Many other measures to increase communications, including our Federal Delegation.

CuttingTaxes, the crown jewel of his campaign, is proudly realized in his budget presentation :

Ø By increasing efficiencies

Ø Eliminating unnecessary spending,

Ø Will improve and increase important services to the community,

Ø Will be able to decrease taxes by 1.23%

Ø The first tax cut in 6 years!

Fighting Violent Crime will receive a very significant major boost :

Ø The additions of 6 new Police Officers,

Ø The addition of 8 new Police Cruisers,

Ø The installation of CompStat, a crime fighting program which has already helped New York City to reduce its violent crimes by a 38%

Ø An effort to fight crime will be assisted by $450,000 with State andFederal funding.

Improving Education : Currently has a three-pronged approach :

Ø A proposed partnership with Apple Computers , this will improve and enhance technology in the classrooms .

Ø A proposed partnership with UNH Manchester to expand and provide Manchester as a Science Incubator .

Ø A call to the School District to decrease administrative spending by 5%

Ø Reallocate monies from cuts in school administration to direct classroom instructions and benefit the school children and their teachers.

Making Government More Efficient, Mayor Guinta presented several ingenious concepts which promise to dramatically increase efficiency :

Ø The "Zero Based Budget" will force all department heads to build and prove their budget proposals from an empty slate, rather than merely adding an amount onto a previous budget .

Ø A "Performance Based Budget for Future Years" will create proposed future budgets against which on going performances may be measured to assure maximum efficiencies.

Ø "BiennialBudgets" will help reduce the time department heads spend creating budgets each year, and allow them to spend more time doing their jobs they are meant to do.

Ø Creating a "Central Purchasing Office" will allow financial savings by purchasing needed supplies in one lot, instead of several smaller purchases, thereby allow lower per unit costs.

Ø Creating a "Fleet Manager Position" will allow far greater supervision of the City's vehicles and their maintenance which, in the past have accrued undue costs that have been much higher than the cost of the proposed position.

Ø Making "Parking a Self-Sustaining Enterprise" will save the tax dollars being used for this purpose.

Ø "Consolidating Traffic and Highway Departments" will eliminate the duplication of administrative and supply costs resulting in considerable savings.

Expansion of the Local Economy by the "Expansion of the Economic Development Office," cooperation with the expansion of "UNH Manchester," support of  "Workforce Housing," and "Hosting a Millyard Parking Summit."

While these efforts alone where extremely impressive for the beginnings of a new administration, Mayor Guinta went on to list many more ideas, proposals, and already started initiatives which all promised a very bright future for Manchester.

Mayor Guinta's well-prepared and clear presentation of each area was greeted with loud applause, and ended with an enthusiastic, standing ovation.