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April13, 2006

Senate Unanimously Supports Bone Marrow Donor Bill

Concord , NHToday, the New Hampshire State Senate unanimously passed HB 1452, affectionately known as “Hristianna’s Bill”, requires insurance companies to cover the cost of testing for bone marrow donation.

Bone marrow testing is only preformed once and is a unique test unlike any other and the cost associated with this bill is minimal. HB 1452 also secures quality donors, provides for public education and retention of those who have donated.

Senator David Gottesman (D- District 12, Nashua) remarked, “More than 70% of all patients do not have a matched donor in their family. The average citizen of New Hampshire would never think of being tested for a possible bone marrow match because of the high cost. HB 1452 provides the means to allow the general public to save a life by having a simple test and would enlarge the possible donor pool tenfold.”

Over 35,000 children and adults in the United States are diagnosed with diseases for which a marrow or blood cell transplant could be a cure. Of the bone marrow donations that happen each year, 34% of all transplants are for children.

Senator Tom Eaton (R- District 10, Keene) concluded, “Insurance companies pay more trying to keep a sick person alive waiting for a bone marrow match than they would to cover the costs of bone marrow testing. The Lanoue family, whom the bill is named for, went through great expense, fundraising and seeking donations to ultimately find their daughter a match. The Lanoue family is a success story, but HB 1452 is intended to provide piece of mind to families faced with this tragic problem as they try to cope with the exorbitant cost of trying to find a match.”

HB 1452 will take effect 60 days after its passage.