Sullivan Challenges Bradley On Special Interest Money

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Sullivan For Congress
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(MANCHESTER)- State Rep. Peter Sullivan today pledged to run a campaign free of special interest money, and challenged Congressman Jeb Bradley to follow his lead.

"The sad stories of Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff have made it clear that our political culture is broken", said Sullivan. "Too often, the good of the country is taking a back seat to the wishes of the highest bidder. That's a major reason why people feel increasingly alienated from their elected representatives.

"It's time to replace cynicism with trust and special interests with a common sense of purpose. It's time for a different kind of campaign.

"As I run for Congress, I will not accept money from special interest political action committees. I will not accept money from registered lobbyists. When I go to Washington, I will do so as an independent voice, as someone who owes no favors to any interest group or political insider.

"Today, I challenge Jeb Bradley to follow this same path.

"Our country faces major challenges in the decade ahead. If we are to effectively meet these challenges, we must remove the corrupting influence of PAC money and lobbyist cash from the process. I hope that Jeb will join me in rejecting the politics of cronyism and in waging a campaign that speaks to the best American ideals".

Rep. Peter Sullivan is serving his third term as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. As a member of the House, Sullivan has been a major backer of efforts to strengthen lobbyist disclosure and campaign finance laws. An attorney and a former officer in the Army National Guard, Sullivan resides in Manchester with his wife, Katya.