Governor Signs Legislation to Help Communities Pay for Repairing Flood Damage

From the Office of Governor John Lynch

CONCORD - Gov. John Lynch signed legislation today that will help communities rebuild from damage caused by the October floods. Gov. Lynch worked with legislative leaders to propose the legislation.

" As a state, we came together in those first days after the flood and pledged to be there for our neighbors and to help them recover. With this legislation, we are keeping that commitment, " Gov. Lynch said.

Normally, the federal government pays 75 percent of disaster costs, and the state and local communities normally split the remainder equally. Gov. Lynch had asked the legislature to pass the legislation, HB 1765, covering all but $5,000 of the match for each community.

" Given the scope of the damage in the floods, the normal disaster match was much more than some of our communities could afford, " Gov. Lynch said. " This legislation makes it financially possible for our communities to continue their rebuilding efforts. "

The bill appropriates approximately $2.9 million to cover local rebuilding costs.

The bill was sponsored by Representatives John Gibson, Henry Parkhurst, Jay Phinizy, David Essex, and Dan Eaton, and Senators Tom Eaton and Peter Burling.

Gov. Lynch is also working to pass legislation to help the hardest-hit victims of the October floods.

The legislation, House Bill 1767, would allow the state to purchase property located in Alstead, Acworth, Langdon and Walpole that was severely damaged or destroyed by the floods. The property would be purchased at pre-flood assessed value minus the total amount of financial aid the property owner received from any other such as federal disaster aid or insurance payments. No property owner would be required to sell.

HB 1767 has already passed the House and is being considered by the Senate.