If Primary Protection was a Sport, Governor Would Be Benched

New Hampshire Republican State Committee

Wednesday, April 18, 2006

Contact: WayneSemprini 603-225-9341

For Immediate Release

CONCORD - Today, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini called upon John Lynch to take action on Michigan’s push to move up the Primary Calendar.

“It’s alarming to see John Lynch continue to take no action regarding the protection of the Presidential Primary. Every day that John Lynch fails to stand up to protect New Hampshire’s time-honored tradition, it becomes more and more at risk and the outcome could be devastating to our state. While he says that he is meeting with candidates and talking about New Hampshire, he isn’t standing up against his own party and their plan of destroying New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary. Now with Michigan and other states wanting to move up their dates, John Lynch can’t be bothered to address the situation himself. He has his spokeswoman, Pam Walsh, addressing this wrong doing.”

“Reality check, Mr. Governor: Pam Walsh isn’t occupying the corner office, you are. It’s time to open your office door, take your hands out of your pockets, and fight to keep New Hampshire’s time-honored tradition. If you can’t, John, then maybe it’s time that you take a seat onthe bench because the way that you’re acting, it looks like you’re handing over the First in the Nation status to your pals at the Democrat National Committee.”