Craig Unites His Leadership Team: Trial Lawyers, Lobbyists, and Unions

New Hampshire RepublicanState Committee

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Contact: Wayne Semprini (603) 225-9341

For Immediate Release

CONCORD – Today, New Hampshire Republican State Party Chairman Wayne Semprini blasted State Representative and trial lawyer Jim Craig for selling out the First District voters in the first month of his campaign.

“Last week Jim Craig put out a press release saying that he had been ‘rallying broad support from local and national leaders’ and that he ‘assembled a well-funded campaign operation’,” said Semprini. “What he forgot to mention was that his local and national support was coming primarily from trial lawyers, lobbyists and unions with some leading national Democratic liberal Congressmen thrown in for good measure.”

According to his first filing with the Federal Election Commission, Craig raised over $76,000 from trial lawyers throughout New England, local lobbyists, and Washington, D.C. trade unions, as well as the national association representing the trial lawyers.

“It is no surprise that trial lawyers want one of their own representing them in Washington,D.C. These are the same interests that have fought against controlling spiraling health care costs as aresult of high malpractice awards and frivolous lawsuits brought forward by trial lawyers. These are the same interests that are driving specialty doctors, such as obstetricians, out of business because of the risk of high liability claims. Perhaps Jim Craig should get out of Concord once in while and travel north of the Notch where pregnant mothers cannot find doctors,” said Semprini.

“Jim Craig is not looking for a helping hand from New Hampshire in his campaign, he’s looking for a golden handshake from his old friends. The people of the First District haven’t been asked to shake his hand but if Jim Craig was ever elected, they certainly would feel the squeeze!”