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Concord , NH – Today the New Hampshire State Senate voted in favor of House Bill 1111, which would designate the pumpkin as the New Hampshire state fruit. This vote comes after months of elementary aged lobbyists, from Senator Bob Flanders district (R- Antrim) covered themselves from head to toe in orange, persuaded the legislature to vote for HB1111.

The initial idea to make the pumpkin the state fruit came from a group of students from Harrisville attending Wells Memorial Elementary. The students, lead by their teacher Ms. Kathleen Frick, embarked upon a project to persuade the New Hampshire State legislature to adopt the pumpkin as the state fruit. At first, the students ran into much opposition, but their resilient nature got them both a win in the House and the Senate.

Ms. Kathleen Frick commented, “It was absolutely wonderful towork on this project with my students. We attended hearings, sent information,and kept a positive attitude about our pumpkin bill. These kids worked hard and I pleased to say that I am proud of each and every one of them.”

Senator Flanders remarked, “This is great. Getting youngsters involved in the legislative process teaches them civics lessons that they could never get out of a text book. Ms. Frick’s class took on a bill head-on, and pushed it the entire way through. They ran into staunch opposition, those that favored the apple and blueberry, and they pressed on never-the-less. It gives me great pleasure to know that we have teachers like Ms. Frick in our classroom that embraces a hands-on method of teaching.”

HB 1111 will take effect 60 days after its passage.