Senate Passes“Amilia’s Law”


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Contact: Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen

April 20, 2006

Concord , NH - The New Hampshire State Senate today voted on HB 1711, also known as “Amilia’s Law.” HB 1711 requires that everyone employed as a gas fitter must be licensed in the state of New Hampshire. The Executive Departments and Administration Committee, chaired by SenatorJoseph D. Kenney (R- Wakefield) unanimously supported the legislation.

HB 1711 requires that the 5,000 gas fitters in the state hired by contractors to work with gas systems have had mandatory training and are licensed, to ensure proper installation and repairs of gas systems. Improper gas installations or repairs can lead to explosive hazards and the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Propane fuel fitters are already required to be licensed by the state.

Amilia Lurhmann, namesake of the bill, was killed in May of 2003 aftera leaking gas pipe caused family’s home on Lake Winnipesaukee to explode. Her parents, two siblings and grandparents were all seriously injured in the blast.

Senator Kenney remarked, “Amilia’s Law will help prevent tragedies like this from happening again by requiring all fuel gas fitters to be uniformly trained and licensed. Contractors and homeowners will know that the people who are installing gas systems in their homes are properly trained and can do the job right. The Lurhmann family suffered a great deal, but now they know that other families in the future will not have to do the same.”

Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen (D- Concord) concluded,“The Lurhmann family, by bringing “Amilia’s Law” to the legislature ensures that qualified people will be installing and repairing gas systems. New Hampshire needs to protect its’ citizens from faulty home gas system repairs that can result in catastrophic events. Everyone in New Hampshire should feel safe in their homes and not worry their lives being devastated due to a substandard installation or repair of their gas system.”