New Hampshire Young Democrats Coffee with Kerry


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     Kate Vaughn, NHYD
April 23, 2006     603-303-9063

New Hampshire Young Democrats Host US Senator John
Kerry at Gala Café
to Talk About the Power of the Youth Vote and Getting

MANCHESTER, N.H. –U.S. Senator John Kerry (D), Mass.
gathered around for an afternoon cup of coffee and an
intimate visit today with the New Hampshire Young
Democrats (NHYD) at Jewel and the Beanstalk on
Somerville Street in Manchester.

“Meeting Senator Kerry for coffee is not something you
get to do every day, but this event is characteristic
of what the New Hampshire Young Democrats are doing to
involve youth in the political process,” said Greg
Sargent, a member of the NHYD. “We hosted Senator
Evan Bayh in Portsmouth in March, and we had a great
event and a great turnout. The word got out that we
have a good thing going on, and when potential
presidential candidates are visiting New Hampshire,
they don’t want to miss the opportunity to sit down
with us.”

Kerry, the 2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee, shook
hands, shared his political experiences and answered
questions from approximately fifty young democrats
from around the state. He spoke about removing the
“Dirty Dozen” from Congress in the 1970s and how that
led to the passing of numerous federal environmental
laws and the creation of the Environmental Protection

Kerry also spoke about the war in Iraq: “It is our
right and responsibility to speak out on the war,”
Kerry said as he informally addressed the young
Democrats. “We must work to effectuate change.”

Senator Kerry spoke about the current administration,
his experience as a young person involved in politics,
and his views on the war in Iraq. He also noted that
we should all react to our dissatisfaction with the
administration and use that energy work to bring about
political change.

The New Hampshire Young Democrats is an inclusive,
statewide organization of 18-36 year olds that exists
to excite, engage and involve young people in New
Hampshire’s political community; mentor, recruit and
empower a new generation of New Hampshire leaders;
advance progressive ideals and values; and elect young