Jim Coburn Calls For Gas Tax Relief

Brendan McQuaid

Press Secretary

Jim Coburn for Governor




For Immediate Release

April 25th 2006

Concord, NH To ease the burden of rising gas prices on New Hampshire drivers, state representative and gubernatorial candidate Jim Coburn (R-Windham) called for an immediate review of New Hampshire 's 19 cents per gallon gasoline tax.  Coburn stated today that "The increasing cost of gasoline is threatening New Hampshire's tourism this summer, which is already suffering due to a lackluster winter tourism season."  
Coburn has proposed that, by this Friday, representatives from across state government convene to discuss the benefits and costs of a three month moratorium on all or part of the New Hampshire state gasoline tax.  A reduction in the price of gas would provide immediate relief for New Hampshire drivers. Coburn explained that "New Hampshire families cannot afford to wait for the federal government to solve our energy crisis, it is our job as elected officials to take the lead and keep New Hampshire's economy moving."

Coburn hopes his summit will include members of the House and Senate from both sides of the aisle, members of the Governors staff, representatives from the Departments of Safety and Transportation, a member of the Department of Resources and Economic Development, and a staff member from the Governor's Council on Energy.

Coburn argued that "If New Hampshire has the lowest gas prices in New England it will drive much needed business into New Hampshire's vital tourism industry."

Coburn has reached out to several state leaders to request the meeting for this week.