Manchester department heads

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jerry Thibodeau

ManchesterRepublican Committee Chair

603-623-3011 X 102

April 25, 2006


With the rhetorical bureaucratic whining, a pathetic thought process and cowardly accusations coming from Manchester’s department heads, one has to wonder what exactly the Manchester taxpayers are paying for.

Is the Manchester taxpayer taken into consideration by any of the department heads, or are they simply interested in keeping with the concept of  “lesser faire”?

Why does Manchester employ department heads that have no imagination or ability to lead their department?

Why is Manchester paying for individuals, and their assistance, earnings with benefits, in excess of $120,000.00, each having an administrative assistant, (secretary), up to $75,000.00 when they do not have the best interest of the taxpayer in their interest?

Any department head that can not run his department efficiently and within budget is not meeting his or her job description or city needs, should be replaced.

The last six years of casual spending and tax increases has allowed the department heads to become unresponsive and lethargic. Now, their little fiefdom is challenged, and they are responding. Responding with a process derived from melodramatic irresponsible behavior.

Each department head has been asked by Mayor Guinta to be professional, each have turned to indolent scare tactics.

Fortunately, for the Manchester taxpayer, they have a Mayor that will not allow spendthrifts and mediocre department heads to vandalize its treasury.