Raise the Stakes on Global Warming

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How America really achieves energy independence is long overdue at the forefront of our national debate. It was remarkable to me that the President finally acknowledged in his State of the Union this year that we have an addiction to fossil fuels and that it hurts America’s security.

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It makes no sense that we borrow money from China -- and then spend that money to buy oil from countries across the world that generally don’t like us. We need a whole new approach. We must recognize this when we talk about energy policy. It is absolutely interrelated with environmental issues, particularly global warming.

Where, besides the United States, is global warming not a top issue for every person? Globally, everyone is worried, from the guy on the street to the top corporate and political leaders.

We need to stop approaching these issues with a Washington focus.

We can no longer look at alternative energy in one silo, traditional energy development in another, hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles in a third, and then have a totally separate debate on global warming and the environment. They all have to be inter-connected.

We need to make sure that we raise the stakes on global warming, making it central to our energy policy. Not only is it important for our security of our country but for the long-term stability of the world. We’ve got to get this answer right.

Governor Mark R. Warner