NHcafe disappointed with AG, HB616 is unconstitutional

For Immediate Release

April 7th, 2006 4:58PM

NHcafe is disappointed by the AG’s appeal and is confident that HB616 will be found, once again, unconstitutional.

Members of The New Hampshire Communities for Adequate Funding of Education were notified just minutes before the deadline that the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has filled an appeal on Judge Groff’s decision that HB616 is unconstitutional.

“It is a shame that we lost an opportunity to stop wasting time and start working on solutions,” said Steve Young , Chairman of the Londonderry School Board and a NHcafe founding member. “We are confident that at the end of the Supreme Court review we will still end up in the same place; HB616 will be unconstitutional. Why the Legislators, Senators and Governor continue to waste money on litigation is beyond comprehension. We could be working on a solution to school funding.”

“As our attorneys noted last night at our NHcafe meeting, HB616 has a hole big enough to drive a truck through. We respectfully ask the Supreme Court to review this case and trust they will also find it unfair, unjust, and unconstitutional.” Said Nate Greenberg Superintendent of Londonderry Schools and a founding member of NHcafe.

New Hampshire Communities for Adequate Funding of Education(“NHcafe”), a coalition of nineteen school district units and towns, challenged House Bill 616 because it fails to provide an adequate education to every public school student in New Hampshire . Under the New Hampshire Constitution the obligation to provide an adequate education lies with the Legislature. It must define, cost out, fund and ensure delivery of an adequate education to fulfill its constitutional responsibility.


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