Lynch Veto Keeps Criminals on Top

Contact:Brendan McQuaid


For ImmediateRelease

May 12th 2006

Concord , NH – Jim Coburn today defended SB 318 after Governor Lynch’s morning veto, “The choice to use deadly force is a choice no-one should ever have to make, but if a person is put into that position, they should not have to worry about being prosecuted later.” Coburn supported the bill which passed by a wide margin in the house. Coburn explained, “I believe people will retreat when they are able, or wait for law enforcement if they can…but in these situations there are often times when you simply don’t have time to call 9-1-1 and have no way to retreat. It is during those situations, we as citizens need the right to protect ourselves and not fear prosecution for doing so.”

Coburn addressed the fears of increased violence saying, “If anything, this bill would put criminals on notice that citizens are within their rights to fight back to protect themselves.” Coburn asked his fellow legislators not to let this measure die, “I urge both house and senate members to look closely at this measure, and consider a possible veto override to ensure the law stays on the side of honest citizens and not criminals.”