Democrats Wrong Again!

New Hampshire Republican State Committee

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Contact: Wayne Semprini (603) 225-9341

For Immediate Release

Concord-NH) Today, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini responded to a Democratic Party’s press release regarding Republican fundraising activities.

The State Democrat Party recently issued a press release falsely stating that a 2004 fundraiser was held to cover legal costs. The release also erroneously stated that the Republican State Committee’s upcoming Annual Dinner on June 12th is only occurring to pay off legal bills. The release shows that Kathy Sullivan and the New Hampshire Democrats continue to distort the facts.

“Democrats should be ashamed that they have a leader who feels compelled to twist the facts to advance her own personal agenda.” said Semprini. “Her misrepresentations show her continued willingness to mislead the citizens of New Hampshire.”

“Our upcoming fundraiser on June 12th is our Annual Dinner and Kathy Sullivan knows that an Annual Dinner means every year, including the years preceding the phone incident.” said Semprini. “In order to keep our Republican majorities in office and to enact laws that are in the best interest of New Hampshire, we need to raise money. Democrats understand this fact. Kathy Sullivan has tried once again to convert frivolous allegations into political gain.”