Bradley To Meet With Local Officials Tomorrow in Milton, Rocheste r, Somersworth and Newmarket About Flooding

From the Office of Congressman Jeb Bradley

(Manchester, N.H.) - First District Congressman Jeb Bradley will again be meeting with local emergency personnel in several New Hampshire communities about the heavy rains and flooding that have affected the state this past week.

"Earlier this week, I toured several towns and cities and spoke with local officials about the extent of the significant flooding in their respective communities. Each community has been significantly impacted indifferent ways, and the rebuilding process will take a concerted effort between federal, state and local entities," stated Bradley. "Having seen a good amount of the storm's impact throughout the southern part of the state, I firmly believe that the state will qualify for a federal disaster declaration. This will allow FEMA to begin the cleanup and rebuilding process and provide aid to individuals who have been affected by the flooding."

Bradley will tour the Three Ponds Dam in Milton with Rochester Assistant Fire Chief Derek Peters and Milton Fire Chief Andy Lucier in the morning. After viewing the damage at the dam, Bradley and Assistant Fire Chief Peters will tour parts of Rochester affected by the severe flooding. Bradley will then tour parts of Somersworth and Newmarket in the afternoon.