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May 19, 2006

Concord , NH – Today an emergency meeting of the Fiscal Committee of the New Hampshire General Court convened to deliberate allocation of money to the Southern and Central parts of New Hampshire,which was devastated by the recent floods.

The New Hampshire Legislature authorized up to $5,000,000 in aid to help the municipalities deal with the destruction. The funds will be distributed through the Bureau of Emergency Management to the areas in need.

Senate President Ted Gatsas (R- Manchester) remarked, “Our state has seen unprecedented flooding over the last week and the damage is inconceivable. There are areas in my district that are still under water and the state is still not able to fully assess the situation. The $5,000,000 is a first step to help return the effected communities to normalcy and offset some of the exorbitant costs they are experiencing.”

Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Morse (R- Salem) commented, “New Hampshire is currently seeking federal funds to help the Southern tier communities paralyzed by the floods. Until that money becomes available, New Hampshire is stepping in with the necessary funds expeditiously. These New Hampshire funds will be replaced by federal dollars when they become available.”

Senator Majority Leader Bob Clegg (R- Hudson) concluded, “A weeks worth of rain has done a considerable amount of damage to New Hampshire. At one point over 600 roads throughout New Hampshire were closed due to flooding, which many now need extensive work before they can be reopened. Bridge, culverts, and dams were washed away and now need to be replaced as quickly as possible. Help is needed throughout New Hampshire now, and this allocation is a step forward.”