Mark Warner Tells Class of 2006: "Call Your Mother"

Ellen Qualls
Forward Together PAC

Dear Friend,

Mark Warner's bottom line advice to college graduates: "Call your mother."

Governor Warner hit the commencement speech rounds this past week.

Listen to Governor Warner's remarks to the Wake Forest class of 2006 on our website.

Below are some highlights from Governor Warner's address:

"Never forget that we need to take risks, and yes, if you take those risks, occasionally you'll fail, but it can and should lead to greater success.

"Beyond that responsibility to yourself there is a responsibility you will have to your community — a basic obligation that all of us who live here have, but unfortunately, too few take seriously. And that's to conduct our political debates in a civil and respectful manner.

"Turn on the TV. Listen to the radio. Click on almost any blog. And, you'll see what I'm talking about: personal and partisan attacks, complex issues reduced to easy-to-digest sound bites, and way too much crossfire and not nearly enough cross talk.

"It's no wonder that Americans are so alienated, cynical and distrustful of the basic institutions of government. In this age of amazing technological achievement, we have become better connected, but more divided. In this iPod age, we are finding it harder and harder to look beyond the "I."

"Of course, we can, and should, disagree about the great issues of the day — for, indeed, they are great. But, we should be able to disagree, for example, about the war in Iraq or our nation's foreign policy without impugning each other's patriotism. We should be able to disagree about serious social issues without questioning each other's underlying morality or religious sincerity. We should be able to disagree about tax or health care policy without questioning each other's basic compassion or motives.

"If you remember nothing else of what I say to you today, remember this: No one — no one — in politics has a monopoly on virtue, on patriotism, or most importantly, on the truth. And that goes for everyone — that goes for everyone from conservative to liberal, and everyone in between."

Read the whole speech on our web site.

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Ellen Qualls
Forward Together PAC