Senator Peter Burling Supports Senate Position on Important Energy Legislation


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Friday, May 19, 2006

CONCORD, NH – State Senator Peter Burling, D-District 5, today expressed support for proposed changes made to House Bill 1690, legislation intended to boost energy generation in the North Country.

In a conference committee meeting this morning between the House and the Senate, the Senate presented its position in support of energy generation in the North Country, and in support of help for people in need of low income energy assistance money.

“With regard to each issue, the Senate position was just, smart and fair,” said Senator Burling. “It is with real sadness that I anticipate the leadership of the House of Representatives will refuse to concur with the Senate position, and will kill this well intended bill.”

The proposed Senate amendment removed the bar on new, wood-fired energy generation by PSNH. The amendment also directed the state’s utilities to transfer some of their systems benefit money to help offset the cost of low income energy assistance.

“The Senate proposal was a good, prudent compromise,” concluded Sen. Burling. “. The Senate approach would have brought a much needed economic boost to the North Country, at a time when mills are closing, and New Hampshire residents are loosing their jobs. The actions of the House with regard to HB 1690 are tragic and inappropriate”