Sullivan: Bradley Must Boycott Rove

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State Rep. Peter Sullivan today called upon Congressman Jeb Bradley to boycott an upcoming Republican Party fundraiser with White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove.

Rove has been the subject of a federal investigation into his role in the release of classified government documents. The documents revealed that Valerie Plame was an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency. Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, had been sharply critical of the BushAdministration's Iraq policy.

"I find it astonishing that the leaders of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee have invited Karl Rove to speak at a major fundraiser. This is an affront to a basic sense of decency", said Sullivan.

"Karl Rove has shown a disturbing willingness to place partisanship ahead of national security. His willingness to expose an American intelligence agent in retalliation for her husband's statements makes it clear that Mr. Rove has no place in the halls of government. He is a embarassment to this country, and it is absolutely shameful that he is being honored by New Hampshire political insiders.

"I am calling on Jeb Bradley to boycott the event with Karl Rove. By attending this dinner, Jeb would give his endorsement to Rove's appaling actions. I hope that he will do the right thing and refuseto give legitimacy to this national disgrace."

Rep. Peter Sullivan is a Democratic candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's First District. A three term member of the New Hampshire House, an attorney and a former officer in the Army National Guard, he resides in Manchester with his wife, Katya.